Friday, March 16, 2012

It's a Party!

There is one element of this wedding that is very important, requires great care and thought in selecting, and is completely independent of the wedding venue, that stubborn little detail that is currently barring all others from realization.  That element, my friends, is the wedding party.  No, not all you lovely guys and gals who will be dancing your socks off to celebrate our nuptials.  I refer instead to the lovely ladies and gentleman who will stand by our side on our wedding day, remind Joey of his name when he forgets it under the pressure of the moment, untuck my dress from my panties after a hasty last nosepowdering of my unmarried life, and generally share the delightful burden of wedding planning.  I am talking about our Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid, and Best Man.  Yes, we have one and only one of each.  Let me introduce them to you.

Best Man:  David Rohr, brother of the groom.  David is Joey's younger and only brother.  When they were little, they were going to be the first brother team to go into space, until they both got to be too tall.  They were also going to play the first-ever duet for viola and saxophone, until they realized, after Joey wrote the music, that there was a very good reason that such a musical piece had never been composed.  David is currently a sophomore at Pitt, where he still plays the saxophone in the band.  He loves his fraternities, Ella's cooking, and long drives in the car.

Maid of Honor:  Janna Lowensohn, sister of the bride.  Janna is a tall blonde who excels at ballet and math.  Clearly the genes were divided in this family.  She did, however, follow her sister's example of heading south for college and is currently in her first year at Oxford College of Emory University in Georgia.  Janna and Ariella's best sisterly qualities come out when they are getting ready to go out for an evening event and neither has anything to wear until the other finds it for her.

Bridesmaid:  Rachel Rohr, sister of the groom.  The youngest of the Rohr clan, Rachel is a brilliant student, creative fashionista, and fiery personality.  She usually prefers green grapes, like her brother David, except for when she is feeling particularly fond of Joey, when she switches to red.  All the Rohrs, except for Joey, will deny this fact.  Rachel is a freshman at Pitt with David, and they have dinner every Sunday.  When she was four and Joey was nine, he tried to use plastic craft scissors to cut her hair.  Thankfully, she has recovered.  


  1. Ha! I love it. We are doing the exact same thing by keeping it in the family (it does help that Erin has 7 siblings though) We plan on having our eldest two sisters be bridesmaids, Erin's younger sister be the flower girl, her young brother be the ring bearer, and all the other many brothers be ushers.

    We left out Brady because he is still in diapers.

    1. Yes, siblings are handy like that. We don't have any little loved ones to bear flowers or rings. I hadn't even thought of ushers!

  2. So smart! An excellent wedding party. These posts always make me smile.

  3. This is adorable Ariella and I love your family choices for the wedding party.


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