Sunday, February 26, 2012

Selecting a Setting

Well, I had been hoping to write my next post when I had some sort of new information to share, but I am beginning to realize that the earliest I can have any new real decision made will be April, when we check out a few venues in LA.  Really, we can't decide anything else (colors, florist, catering) until we know where we're having it, since it will all be dependent on our available space.  If the wedding is in a garden, no florist.  If the wedding is in The Red and Orange Room, the wedding colors probably can't be yellow and green.  I like you all too much to send you away with migraines.

Instead, let's discuss what we're looking for in a venue.  Who knows, maybe one of you will have a brilliant suggestion for a venue for us.

So far, we've mostly been looking in Santa Monica and Malibu, because we like the beach and it just provides a beautiful background for the event.  As much as we like the idea of the beach, though, we realize that the reality of a beach wedding is difficulty walking in the sand, wind blowing hair and dresses everywhere, seagulls cawing or pooping, waves crashing too loudly for anyone to hear, kids playing volleyball, and a million other things we can't control.

The best solution to that is a semi-indoor, semi-outdoor location.  Once I got that thought in my head, I realized that was definitely what I wanted to do.  It doesn't necessarily need to be at the beach, but I love the idea of dinner and dancing inside (you know, so there are lights and you can see what you're doing), with the option to walk around outside, get some air, maybe have a quiet conversation with one of your super-awesome fellow party-goers.  When I think about wedding-like events I've been to, I realize that I don't like spending the whole time on the dance floor at all.  In fact, often my favorite part is getting to spend some quality time, away from the music, with someone I don't usually get to see.  Besides, as HGMers will recall from Winter Ball, it can get rather warm inside when everyone's dancing.

Another consideration is convenience.  We will (hopefully) have delegates from Michigan, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and other lovely states and maybe even countries joining us at our wedding.  After asking people to fly in from far away, I'd hate for them to get lost trying to find some weird location eight hours away from the nearest airport.

Another issue that I keep bumping into is that I don't want to have it somewhere that we've already had a wonderful memorable family event.  For example, a beautiful example of "semi-indoor, on the beach, easy to get to" is Gladstone's.  Gladstones is, in fact, such a wonderful location that we held my mom's rockin' 40th birthday there!  I remember the little betta fish bowl centerpieces that people took home, and singing along with my mom and sister in the car to "When I'm Sixty-Four" by the Beatles as my mom rehearsed for her big performance.  That was a wonderful party and I'm sure many of you who have known my family forever remember it.  I would like to keep that wonderful party and this wonderful party separate.

Joey and I will be in LA very briefly for the weekend of April 6-8 to spend Passover with my family and the Roffmans, my Jewish Holiday family, and hope to spend a few hours on Saturday morning visiting some frontrunners and hopefully picking one we love.  Wish us luck!

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