Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Beginning

Just under a month ago, on a beautiful Santa Monica day, Joey got down on one knee in the sand and asked me to marry him.

What followed was the most frantic month of calling and meeting with people and Facebook exploding with happy wishes and finals and papers and exams and other insanity.  Knowing this would be the case, we decided to put off making any wedding plans until after finals and the beginning of winter break, which we were scheduled to spend together visiting his parents in Michigan.

Guess what, friends?  The tests are over, the papers handed in, the suitcase and milk crate full of books returned to the library, and we are in Michigan, together, unable to procrastinate on this any longer.  Decisions must be made!

Tonight, as a small thank-you for having me stay with them this winter, Joey and I made dinner for his family.  My award-winning French Onion Soup, my mom's spectacular Chicken Piccata, and the internet's Rainbow Cake.  The parental Rohrs very kindly also broke out the champagne to toast our engagement, as we hadn't yet seen them since the momentous occasion.

Over champagne and soup, the subject of the location of their wedding came up, and so I started to steer the conversation towards the location of Joey's and my upcoming nuptials, a subject I had been dreading, as our lives currently sprawl across 5+ states.  Fortunately, they had assumed that it would be in Los Angeles, which I know my mother really wanted, and seemed like the best option to me.  So, it is now our great pleasure to formally announce the first real concrete piece of wedding info:

The Lowensohn/Rohr Wedding will be held in Los Angeles, California.  

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